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Today Beano Studios’ insight consultancy, the Beano Brain, announced the launch of its kids and youth Omnibus service – the latest tool in its suite of proprietary research and insight capability.

The Beano Brain Omnibus is delivered through the GDPR Kids and COPPA-compliant website which is home to over 800,000 organic monthly active users in the UK and US. Using its selection of games, quizzes, and bespoke questions, the Omnibus allows brands to access answers to their burning questions directly from kids and teens. Insight is available on-demand with answers returned in as little as 48 hours, sourced directly from a cross-section of real kids aged between 7-14, weighted across region, gender and age whilst drawing on the Beano Brain team’s expert knowledge and analysis.

The Omnibus is the latest tool in a suite of Beano Brain services providing a 360-degree insight into the lives of kids, teens and their millennial parents. Beano Brain researchers immerse themselves in every facet of family life, using observational and interactive techniques such as conducting home visits, running co-creation workshops and joining families on days out. The Beano Trendspotter panel has also been bolstered to reach 40+ kids and teens aged between 7-16 years.

With the ever-growing importance of digital for our clients, Beano Brain also provides digital product testing capabilities, where brand websites and apps in strawman, beta or live stages can be tested in real-time by kids and their families.

Since its launch in 2016 Beano Studios has continued to improve its internal proprietary tools and bespoke insight offer and it can now help other brands to gain a deeper understanding of kids to make business decisions.

Pete Maginn, Director of Insight, Beano Studios said: “Our Beano Brain Omnibus is the latest addition to our fantastic insight services for brands and we are looking forward to showing how we can better understand kids and teens today. For example, a recent Ofcom study, published earlier this month with fieldwork carried out mid last year, asked kids via their parents which social media or messaging channels they used and 22% said they used TikTok. When we recently asked the same question using the Beano Brain Omnibus, 64% said they used TikTok. Our quick access to unfiltered and uninfluenced responses opens up a whole new resource for brands.”

Matt O’Mara, Chief Commercial Officer, Beano Studios said: “Our new suite of research tools makes it easier than ever for us to understand kids and the influence they have within their families, the wider family dynamic and the world. We work tirelessly to understand their lives and we can impart our knowledge and provide this unique insight to marketeers and brands “

As well as providing insight through its proprietary tools, Beano Studios also commissions longer form research projects. It launched this initiative last year with the release of its Generation Alpha report – a qualitative study into the habits and opinions of kids born after 2010.

About Beano Brain:

As well as Beano Brain Omnibus the full suite of Beano Brain services includes:

  • Gen Alpha Consultancy and Immersion Workshops – Interactive, knowledge sharing, and multi-sensory sessions allow for a bespoke service for client teams. Beano Brain’s insight experts bring audiences to life and share defining traits. Tailored to each client, they focus on the implications for their business via a mix of insight sharing and mini-group activities.

  • Kids Co-Creation Workshops – High energy, multi-activity sessions with a group of 10-12 kids exploring their attitudes and behaviours to evaluate new ideas, products, and identify opportunities

  • Beano Trendspotters Consultancy - Access to our longitudinal ethnographic panel of 40+ kids and teens aged between 7-16 years that we have 1:1 conversations with on a weekly basis

  • Real-time UX/UI & content testing – In the moment, digital experience exploration and evaluation of brand websites and apps with kids and teens in strawman, beta or live stages.

  • Kid-centric, creative multi-phase qual and quant approaches including:

o Power Product Reviews- Physical or digital qualitative testing of products by kids and family panels with professional-level video output that can be used for marketing, client and distributor sales

o Beano at home – observing and speaking to kids in their own homes. Learning how and what content they watch, what music they listen to, the games and their valued possessions. We also use the time to speak to parents too

o Friendship focussed sessions – observation and conversation with friends to see real peer dynamics, gaining an honest, broader perspective on what they are into, like to do and what they think

o Family days out - where Beano Brain meet the whole family; see them interact, understand their dynamics and how choices are made; spend time outside of the home experiencing an authentic day out from their perspective.


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