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Mike Stirling, Harry Hill and Lydia Mossahebi

  • A new poll by Beano reveals the top 20 moments where Brits can’t help but laugh

  • Seeing people tripping or slipping over, hearing someone passing wind in public and internet memes are among the 20 everyday things guaranteed to induce fits of laughter

  • Research commissioned to launch the public vote in Beano’s Britain’s Funniest Class competition

  • Comedian Harry Hill led judging panel which selected the top 10 jokes now open to public vote

  • To view the shortlisted schools and place your vote online visit

Seeing people tripping or slipping over, hearing someone passing wind in public and internet memes have been voted as the biggest everyday laughter triggers according to new research from Beano.

Animals acting like humans, rude sounding names (including road and place names such as Scratchy Bottom and Piddle River in Dorset) and bad haircuts also feature highly on the list of things guaranteed to leave Brits cracking up.

The research of 2,000 British adults was commissioned by Beano to celebrate the reveal of their national joke competition’s top 10 shortlisted schools and the opening of the public vote to decide the winner of Britain’s Funniest Class on

Top 20 everyday laughter triggers according to British adults

1) People tripping / slipping over - 62%

2) Hearing someone passing wind (farting) - 56%

3) Internet memes - 49%

4) Babies giggling - 46%

5) Bad haircuts - 42%

6) Someone walking into things accidentally - 41%

7) Animals acting like humans - 40%

8) Weird or loud laughter - 39%

9) Rude sounding names (be it road names, names or places) - 38%

10) Children accidentally saying rude words - 37%

11) Rude looking fruit & vegetables - 33%

12) Parents trying to use kid’s slang - 31%

13) Old people / Dad dancing - 30%

14) Silly sounding words - 29%

15) Terrible fashion choices - 28%

16) Bad translations on menus or signs -27%

17) Bad puns - 26%

18) People sleeping or snoring on public transport - 25%

19) Seeing someone get bird mess dropped on their head - 24%

20) Someone running and missing the bus/ train - 23%

The new research reveals that laughing is infectious with seven in ten (73%) saying they have caught the giggles off someone even if they weren’t sure why they were laughing and a whopping 77% said they have had an uncontrollable “attack of the giggles” in the past.

Furthermore, British adults were tasked with voting for their favourite type of laughter. The “Belly Laugh” was voted (26%) as the funniest type of laughter to hear followed by the classic “Giggle” (21%) and the “Nose Snorter” (18%). Interestingly the “Giggle” (30%) and the “Belly Laugh” (22%) were also found to be the two most common types of laughter that Brits identify as having themselves.

The survey also polled 2,000 British children aged 7-12 to reveal what makes kids laugh the most. Like their parents, kids also find hearing the humble fart the most rib-tickling followed by people slipping or tripping over and animals acting like humans.

Top 20 everyday laughter triggers according to British children aged 7-12

1) Hearing someone passing wind (farting) - 72%

2) People tripping / slipping over - 63%

3) Animals acting like humans -54%

4) Hearing someone belching - 49%

5) Weird or loud laughter - 41%

6) Internet memes - 40%

7) Parents trying to use kids slang - 38%

8) Bad haircuts - 37%

9) Babies giggling - 36%

10) Oldies / Dad dancing - 35%

11) Silly sounding words - 33%

12) Rude sounding names (be it road names, names or places) - 32%

13) Someone running and missing the bus/ train - 31%

14= Parents / old people trying to use technology - 30%

14= People sleeping or snoring on public transport - 30%

16) Someone walking into things accidentally - 29%

17) Parents / old people on social media - 28%

18) Rude looking fruit & vegetables - 27%

19) Seeing someone get bird mess dropped on their head - 26%

20) People dropping their food - 25%

Oldies and parents trying to be cool was also found to be a big source of kid’s amusement with kid’s chuckling along to their elders trying to use kid’s slang (38%), showing off their dance moves (35%), trying to use technology (30%) and seeing their habits on social media (28%).

Mike Stirling, Editorial Director at Beano said:

“As Brits, we love to have a daily laugh and this top 20 just shows how we can find sources of mega LOLZ all around. Everyone at Beano has been left in stiches by the entries to our national joke competition to find the funniest primary class in Britain and we can’t wait to see which school the public will vote the ultimate comedy genius”

The study reveals that even when confronted with embarrassing situations Brits tend to draw on humour as adults confessed to cracking a joke or getting the giggles during inappropriate times. This includes during an argument (47%), whilst standing in a long queue (36%) and in a church service (32%).

Beano’s nationwide joke competition seeks to find the next generation of comedy genius by crowning the funniest class in Britain. Primary school teachers across the country have submitted three of their classes’ funniest jokes and gags for a chance to take home the title.

The shortlisted top ten jokes revealed today were chosen by Harry Hill and Beano’s gag makers and are now open to a public vote on to decide who will be named Britain’s Funniest Class.

Beano’s national joke competition Top 10 shortlist:

Elm Academy, Bournemouth (Hampshire) - 5GC

What do you call a magic Labrador?

A Labracadabrador.

St Judes C of E Primary School, Portsmouth (Hampshire) - Da Vinci

“I went to the doctor this morning and I swallowed a golf ball! The doctor said 'Yes I can see, it's gone down a fairway!'”

Castlewood Primary School, Southwater (West Sussex) - Foxes

At the bank a lady asked me to check her balance, so I pushed her over.

Polperro Primary, Looe (Cornwall) - Talland

YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are making a joint website. What would it be called? YouTwitFace.

Larchwood Primary School, Pilgrims Hatch (Essex) - 4SB

What's the difference between Harry Hill and Dennis the Menace?

Nothing, they both have great Gnashers.

Bispham Endowed CE Primary School, Blackpool (Lancashire) - 6A

A Mexican man says to his friends, 'I can disappear in three seconds. Uno...dos…' and then he disappears without a 'tres'!

Staines Preparatory School, Staines (Surrey) - 5K

Have you seen the new movie 'Constipated'? No? That's because it hasn’t come out yet!

ESMS Junior School, Edinburgh (Midlothian) - P6RC

How do you fry a black and white bear?

With a pan-duh!

Yeo Moor Primary School, Clevedon (North Somerset) - Wagtails

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he farted, so he had to run away from the smell!

St Marks Primary School, Bromley (Kent) - Rochester

What is green and not heavy? Light green.

The winner and two runners-up, chosen by the public, will each receive a bundle of Beano annuals comic subscriptions and a special VIP Beano visit, including a joke workshop.

To view the shortlisted top 10 jokes and place your vote online for Britain’s Funniest Class

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