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Business as usual or ‘Beano as Usual’. That’s what we’re doing. But in reality, nothing is usual at the moment. Whilst we’re all cracking on, from different rooms across the country, it’s actually become impossible to operate as we usually do.

We’ve been using our Beano Brain consultancy to harness insights for Beano and our partners and clients for the last three years and this week, talking to our kids’ panel, we can clearly see that we’re in a different place, with this global event impacting every kid and family personally.

So what now? Well we feel we have a clear responsibility.

With all the conversation around this global event, we must remember to give Generation Alpha a voice. This Generation is behaviourally VERY different from previous cohorts - it is one that is predisposed to digital hacks, asking the salient questions and increasingly ready to stand by what they believe in. They are being affected in so many ways: no school, limited access to family and friends; their daily routines now unrecognisable. These may well be the defining moments of their young lives, so it is more important than ever that we give them their voice. We must not assume to know what they think and how they feel -- or worse, not really -- properly -- think about them at all.

With the tools at our disposal - not least the ability to remotely and quickly conduct authentic, broad and deep research - we believe we have a responsibility to do what we can to keep supplying our partners, clients and the industry with the insights needed to make and validate decisions in how we should be understanding and engaging with this unique demographic - our leaders of the future. No one knows what’s ahead but as we gather live insights we’re already considering and building the implications to come.

So as of tomorrow we’ll be sharing with you every Friday what our Beano Brain has informed us of each week. Then, where we can, we’ll share our opinions on the implications, changes and consequences that we think will follow.

We’re here to help.


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